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"Staging is no longer optional in the real estate market. It is a must!" - Barbara Corcoran

Vacant Homes

Marble Surface

Occupied Homes


Starting at: $500+

Under this package, we work with our clients’ existing furniture and accessories to enhance the appeal of their property. Our teams strategically rearrange and style the furnishings to optimize space and highlight the home’s features. By incorporating the client’s personal items, we create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will resonate with potential buyers. Our goal is to help clients present their home in the best possible light!


Starting at: $1,000+

We seamlessly blend our selection of furnishings and accessories, along with our client’s existing pieces to create a harmonious and inviting environment. By strategically incorporating the client’s belongings alongside our own, we enhance the appeal of the home while preserving its personal touch. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we will maximize the property’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Our Process




Consultation is the very first step in inquiring about our home staging. We offer phone, video and in-person consultations.
This step involves understanding the client's needs, preferences, and budget constraints.

Phone Consultations:
Approximately 15-30 minutes.  

Free of charge

Video Consultations: 
Approximately 30-60 minutes.

$120.00 for 60 minutes

In-Person Consultations:
Approximately 1-2 hours




During this phase, home stagers collaborate closely with clients to understand their goals and vision for the property. Through detailed discussions and consultations, stagers gather insights into the target market and desired aesthetics. They develop a tailored staging plan that addresses key areas for improvement, such as decluttering, furniture arrangement, and color schemes. Clients are presented with mood boards to help visualize the proposed home staging.



Home stagers bring the conceptualized pan to life, transforming the property into a visually appealing and market-ready space. This stage involves the strategic placement of furniture, accessories, and decor elements according to the staging plan. Stagers oversee the delivery, setup, and arrangement of furnishings, ensuring optimal flow and functionality in each room. They pay close attention to detail, focusing on creating inviting scenes and highlighting the property's key features.

Let's get started on your home staging!

Feel free to reach out to us for further inquiries, or any unanswered questions.

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